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Procurement Opportunities

The State of New Mexico purchases a variety of products and services to approximately 2 billion dollars per year. This provides opportunities to New Mexico companies.

Procurement Overview

The State Procurement Code governs the way procurements take place. The intent of the code is to ensure that state expenditures are based on open competition and documented justification when competition is not available.

The state’s preferred method for procurement is through competition. Competition takes place through Invitation to Bid (ITB) or Request for Proposals (RFP).

As a vendor to the state, you must compete for the business. It is important to understand the scoring used for various purchases. Some are based on lowest price while others have factors for determining the selection of a vendor.

The document entitled “Purchasing Guide State Purchasing Division State of New Mexico”, although dated, is the most current publication to help vendors understand procurement in New Mexico.

State of New Mexico Active Procurements

The State Purchasing Division at General Services Department (GSD) is dedicated to obtaining the best value for good and services while staying in compliance with the NM procurement code. While GSD is involved in many procurements, agencies have leeway and can conduct their own procurements. It is therefore important to check agencies websites to see if they are posting procurement opportunities that are applicable to your business.

New Mexico Department of Transportation Procurement

The main functions of the Procurement Serices are to secure the procurement of commodities at the best obtainable price and delivery while maximizing service to our customers both internal and external. Also to research, coordinate, and consolidate purchasing requirements and establish Price Agreements/Contracts for G.O. and Districts. Along with, handling the Department’s contracts for Information Systems and special projects through the RFP process and contracts for Capital Improvement Projects.

Doing Business with the Spaceport America

Spaceport America is eminently flexible in order to meet the needs of our customers’ operations and can provide facility, workforce, and operational support tailored to launching your venture.

Additional Information on State Procurement

To get more information about the New Mexico Purchasing Division, please go to their website here.