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Starting a business and then growing and expanding it requires staying in compliance with New Mexico business regulations and policies.

How Can We Help You Navigate Your Business

Register Legal Business Structure

To conduct business in New Mexico, a business owner must register the structure of the business with the New Mexico Secretary of State.

Obtain Tax ID Numbers

In order to be in compliance as a company in New Mexico, you will have to get an EIN from the IRS website.

Licenses and Permits

In New Mexico, practitioners of many professions must obtain special licenses before they are allowed to practice their profession.

Workplace Hiring Requirements

A New Mexico business with employees must fulfill basic workplace requirements.

Obtain Insurance

As a business owner, you need to obtain insurance. Business insurance protects you from the unexpected costs of running a business.

File and Pay Taxes

To keep a business in good financial standing, a business owner must calculate and pay federal, state, and local taxes.